The Terra Garden Project is a concept developed to COUNTERACT harmful elements and effects in our environment by implanting  Earthing Coils  into forests, waters, power points and at key (leyline) power centers around the globe. 
Investors / comrades / Lavender Sisters welcome.Please contact us at

WE use the Buckminster Fuller map of triangulation and apply the Earthing coils at those coordinates, thus strengthening natural ley lines and these ley lines will carry the Earths’ Chi  ( resonance) to the next site and so on around the globe. So even though so much is happening to disturb Mother Nature and our natural bio-rhythms, this can and will restore balance on a large scale, based on the studies we have done to date.

We are going forward with a small model and are taking applications for proposals to test in other areas… Presently  we have 49 sites we are looking at with a potential of 720 sites, We need individuals and  groups who are willing to help make and distribute them

20160207_114820.jpg    20151015_101030.jpg

Please send your info for further enquiries.



E coils
 The link to above research has validated my Preliminary Findings by professional scientists and has been shown to function … to increase germination rates of growth up to  100% root increase system, initially,  enables the plants to absorb more nutrients, water and increases survival rates in harsh climate or conditions. Knowing water to be a conductor, we can utilize the ocean as a carrier of the Earths’ Chi and that will speed up the process exponentially.

Now we are taking action about the contamination going on ! Now with Earthing-Coils we can amplify the Earth frequency anywhere by installing E-Coils into our environment at key areas to amplify natural vibrations and restructure damaged bio-tissue, including water.

We embrace environmental groups working to restore our natural environment and invite All Of Us to participate in these actions to protect families, homes, communities, forested areas and waters and restore our Earth 

C-coils Taking Flight across the waves of the ocean!
Last Coil Earthing is Terra Garden Project Event 1; Taking Flight across the waves of the ocean to the world! (12 from Nelson BC to the Pacific)

Sept / 2015 Vancouver, BC

20160212_150846 This is a Christmas cactus of my sisters’ That Was Nearly Dead before Christmas 2015 and after-45 days of the use of an E-Coil now HAD 24 flowers on it

The great thing about E-Coils is they are proved to not need to be plugged into anything to WORK- Being that the substrate they are made from is a supercharged orgonite which carries the Earths’Resonance naturally  and are charged by the Earths’ chi when it comes into contact with the soil or water.

 The Terra Garden Project begun  in the Kootenays (British Columbia, Canada) in the summer of 2015 and our tests -have revealed some very positive results. 

We have taken samples for testing further after a year comparison of studies, which provide the proof empirical science and the scientific community needs to see!
may 25-8-tap water.jpg   May 2015 tap water
  0001.jpg May 2016 tap water
 We are just getting started so please be patient with us as we Develop the event for this world wide Action initiative.
The Terra Garden Initiative is a concept Developed to COUNTERACT harmful Elements in our environment by Installing our Earthing Coils or E-Coils in contaminated forests, waters and at key (leyline) power centers around the globe. 
Investors / comrades  welcome.Please contact us at




8 thoughts on “THE PROJECT

    1. Ah Thank You for Responding…I have been very busy but would like to collaborate to your request. The E-Coils should go into areas of de-forestation and/or contamination.One implants them into the water ways- studies show an amzing response- let me know how we can help!
      Ms. Suzzanee


  1. theterragardeninitiative

    As far as doing further studyies, there will be a small study this summer doing tests in waters we began with last year…if interested to observe please leave message…


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