Popes’ Visit…What Does It Mean?

Rf, on 26 Sept 2015 – 09:07 AM, said:

The Jesuits have Arrived

Pope Francis has been racing around the world, gathering influence and power as he makes his way to his ultimate destination:
His speech before the UN General Assembly at 8:30 a.m.


In that speech, he will proclaim himself to be the heart and conscience of the New World Order. He will demonstrate to the elites that they cannot succeed without the Vatican. And, they will grudgingly agree.
After centuries of hard, diabolical effort, the Jesuits will have arrived. They will have placed themselves firmly in the saddle of power, and they will ride the New World Order to its apocalyptic conclusion.


Ah R you have driven in the nail of the point I was making…as far as I know the Draco/Annukki regime ARE the Jesuits.I have done a fair bit of study on this and since all the early Popes connected to the
Farnesse/Borgia/ Boniface…because of they way in which they have twisted the message of Christ and
perverted the context , we know they have been against it from the get-go. They are also the ones who have become the UN-Illuminatii the ones who have taken over that original form, under the guise of the
“Remember John” clan. These same ones are in control of so many elite systems now from art to science…. I recall reading a book called “The Expected One” in which the author describes herself as a reincarnation of Mary(! hardly) and I was surprised to find out about the “Remember John” group…( these group of elite fanatics are reported to be capable of any horrendous acts to further their cause- and they say that the true saviour is John The Baptist- not Christ- who is reported to have been a misogynist, much like Peter- so their group has been attempting to undermine all aspects of the church and its’ original meaning… I did some research
-into Bottecellis work and first thing going to the Louvre on their homepage is a painting with I think is Louis the XV1 in a ” Remember John ” pose ( finger pointing to Heaven to form a “j”)…then I looked for Botecellis paintings there which I know there is a whole wing of there and it was not available on the site
– It took me several minutes to find his works – and on another site ( see pic)…the ET In Arcadia, made famous by ” The Holy Blood And Holy Grail”( Painting of Martha, Mary’s sister and two disciples ,John and Simon at Mary’s tomb in France) but also in history because Louis XV1 went to war – a very detrimental war to get this painting in his possession and when he finally got it- he hid the painting in the basement at Versailles…Now why would a Monarch of such stature be so intimidated by a painting?…I’ll tell you why in a bit.
– Then I studied about the Popes and some of their lines- you do not have to dig too deep to see the
Farnesse/Borgia/Boniface* ,Middle Eastern descent with Mythra worship also descends from Babylonia and the lines are clearly leading to the Enki/ Annukki/Draco regime being very prevalent.
– These lines of Popes began the Inquisition, removed flying missiles from their armies at one time ( the they had wings and could fly in true form)and especially hunted down any bloodline of the Jesus/Mary lineage- which was why the Knights’ Templar was formed- which was why the Priory of Zion was formed and why the Illuminati was formed, according to my knowledge, and most of these have been partially or wholly infiltrated by these same Jesuit ” Remember Johns”.
now the dots take shape and it became clear how they infiltrated every major power on this planet-
because they are subservient to the Holy See….
* 1302 Unam Sanctum ( see Chani Thread)
From: Pistis Sophia- A Coptic Gnostic text with Commentary by J.J.Hurtok
Pg.512-13, Book 2:96;passage 213,
” It is because of this that I have said to you before,’you will be seated on your thrones on my right and on my left in my kingdom and you will reign with me’. It is because of this, that I have neither hesitated nor been ashamed to call you my brothers and my companions, for you will be fellow- kings with me in my kingdom. Therefore I say this to you,knowing that I will give you the mystery of the ineffible, namely: That mystery is I ,and I am that mystery.
Now then, not only will you reign with me, but all of humanity who are given the mystery of the ineffible will be fellow-kings with me in my kingdom: I am they and they are I. But my throne will tower over them. And because you will endure sorrows in the world before all men, until you announce all the words which I have yet to speak to you, your thrones will be connected to mine in my kingdom.
This is why I have said to you before,’Where I shall be, there also will be my twelve helpmates’. But Mary Magdalene and John the Virgin will tower over all of humanity who are given the mysteries of the ineffible and they will be on my right and on my left.I am they and they are I…”

Clearly, ( and this is after he rose from the “dead”) he is saying that Mary and John the Virgin ( the same two who were present at the time he was supposedly died and taken down from the cross) will and shall reign over humanity.
They know this. They know the church founded on Peter and supported by Jesuits who are following the wrong John- is founded on falsehood – Peter had no call or right to establish a Church without due reverence to Mary Magdalene and John the Virgin but he disobeyed because he did not like Mary or women ( as one can see if you read the whole text). It is also known in some Templar circles that he had Marys’ head and arm bones taken from her tomb after her death…but I digress…
some key words for this passage:
Jesuits/ Black hats/ bankers/Oligarchs/ Cabal/Black Annukki/ Dracos/Holy See

And just so ya know, I posted this thread for the opportunity to speak this at the right time.You are absolutely correct Reddwolf.

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