Free Will and Guidance!

Harald and Morlean, I applaud the effort here but really feel you have missed some important parts- Firstly, freewill is the means by which we can evolve into our God/desshood. IF we are to remain as children we can never evolve beyond this. It is a gift that for those who have eyes to see what it can do – is the salvation of humanity. I , for one, having recalled many of my past lives, including being a royal member of the ruling class in Atlantis, have memories relating to the demise of both Lemuria and Atlantis and yes the Atlantians were tricked into opening that portal- but it was against our wishes as spiritual caretakers, the military arm of teh Atlantians who had been on Mars were the ones who pushed this- to the detriment of all…
Free will is the means by which we may reunite ourselves with our higher purpose and gain knowledge and conversation with our Holy Guardian Angels which I did in 2001. Indeed that has saved my life many times. What it means is that we must create now OUR vision of what the Earth aught to be like as guided by our higher purpose.
That being said, it has been a long hard struggle to come to this point of understanding. This has happened this way so we may have direct knowledge of what we are up against and find out their weaknesses.
And according to a channeling I did in 2011 , the new Aeon of Sophia has just begun as of Dec 23/2015. Yes, the hyclic dimensions have been shut down and ever more layers of teh black magic is being thrown back to Source. The channeling ( in my book Highway To Heaven- available on E-Kindle) speaks of the “times of retribution that will cover the face of the earth for 200 years”. Clearly this means we are meant to survive and as an emanation of Sophia Herself I cannot agree that anything but getting better is going to occur- however we must with the help of our conscious sword cut away the dross with ourselves and our societies in order for that to occur. And this IS happening as Gaia awakes and we awake to our higher purpose.
There will be no regression. The dark evil will be banished or destroyed, and the wholesome dark will come into balance with the light as it was meant to. Yin/Yang.
…and the final battle will happen in 200 years, so let’s keep up the good work Kay?


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