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Earth Vortex

This is an actual photo by Stephanie Pappas of a vortex of energy (slow time lapse) coming from space and hitting the Earth over Capetown. This is exactly why we need to have legislation in place to ensure our air, space and land rights- to not be bombarded with frequencies that have been shown to be harmful without our permission. The Space Preservation Act was signed by 250,000 Canadians in 2004 and passed the US congress in 2001.

Now more than ever we need to lobby government to enforce this Act with the new amendments which include the space between 15 km over the surface of the Earth and 12 km into the Earth as fracking procedures are harming our ground water and national forests and this needs to be addressed!

Download to signCanada-Space-Preservation-Act^2


1. Help spread the word to the world that with these E-Coils we can help the earth heal and help ourselves too. We need destinations world wide and folks who can receive and implant them. This grass roots movement can take us a long way to restoring the damage done by chemtrails, nuclear waste and radiation.

2. Help introduce legislation to protect our environment -for good.

3. To get one of our E-Coils to every site that is putting out harmful radiation and to as many contaminated areas as possible – including the oceans.Seek:Simultaneous Environmental Emergency Kontrol

It is our express wish that humanity develops into a humanistic society so what we do will impact our way of doing business and how we interact with each other. Our project relates to everyone: meaning with all people in mind and in consideration of the evolution of humanity and our way of life. So everything we sell, talk about, link to, endorse or speculate upon is done here with that specific purpose in mind.

We not abide prejudicism or racism or any such juvenile attitudes and seek real, viable  sustainable innovation and technology for solutions to the collective challenges we are facing – at the same time as respecting our tradition that looks to the future for our descendants.

Our Motto is:

Embrace Innovation,
Respect Tradition, 
For 7 Generations!