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Chemtrails, Orgonite, Speech Acoustics or Cymatic waves,  Telsa’s experiments that prove the science of cymatics, and links to some cool related products -orgonite volt meters and the like…Which frequencies to use for the effect you want- whether to help your garden grow or get rid of pests…

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And just a tidbit here about other pests:

Humans are capable of “hearing” sound generally in the frequency range of 10 Hertz(Hz) to 15,00 Hz; many animal species can hear sounds up to 100,000 Hz. Many small insects, rodents, bats and mammals communicate at these very high (ultrasonic) frequencies.

  • Rodents have well developed auditory systems much like humans.
  • Bats have even more complex and sensitive hearing systems.
  • Crickets, grasshoppers and cicadas have tympanic organs in openings on their forelegs which “hear” in high frequency sounds.
  • Moths have tiny ears on their thorax which detect the high frequency emissions that bats use to find and capture insects.
  • Cockroaches have “hair sensillae” that react to ultrasonic vibrations.
  • Mosquitoes have clusters of sound sensing hairs on their antennae.
  • Wasps, spiders, beetles and bees have “chordontonal” or tympanic membranes that sense ultrasonic vibrations.
  • Fleas, ticks and flies do not hear, but ultrasonic vibrations apparently put pressure on their nervous systems, causing immobility.