Reflections On A Near Universe

Suzzannee Chappelles’ book published in 2007- A theoretical study on the transvirulence of molecules in an enthalpic field…how certain molecules are able to transform form and absorb information affected by a magnetic vortex and light.

Effects of Earth Resonance on Human

Effects of C-coils on a bee! The one shown was NOT plugged in- but was in polarity  range of one that was in the room- this proves that they work in tandem AND that they restructure damaged tissue !

Personal Voltage Testing Shows A Roughly 100% Amplification Of Power Source Using C-coils

Orgonite Tester Unit

Below are some links to the microscopic tests that were done with the C-coils and C-coil Water Purification System (our own invention);

This one was taken first and at 40 seconds one can observe a microorganism foreign to normal water;

This one shows what happens when smart meter microwaves affect the microorganism:

This is what happens when we used the C-coils to increase the frequency of the water and what happened:


Walter Russell
free download of his works on this page: