There are many different ways you can get involved:

Our Terra Plan for a sustainable global flourishing garden begins at home and hearth. Really. If you do not love your home, then why stay? If you love your home then you want to make it better. If you do not love your home, you want to leave, or you want to make it better. Either way, you must want to make it better.

The Grandparents teach us that if we make a mess of our yard, then you have to live in that mess- and the neighbors don’t like it either (and may even try to have you kicked out because you don’t take care of your own back yard!)…

So the only thing that makes sense is to…clean up your yard. Or leave.

That being said, how to clean up the yard may be too daunting a task for one or two persons and others must needs be employed to the task. Let it be noted that each person has their own task however we can all take part which really helps the psyche and self esteem to KNOW you are DOING SOMETHING to help!

  • Each Primary unit must be activated by a natural substance or charging system and needs a Secondary to implement magnetosphere. In other words, one unit by itself still amplifies the Earths’ resonance around its’ core, yet two- one activated by natural source and one creating the magnetopshereic range are what is needed to supply a circumference of range.
  •  Once the range has been set, the pulses coming from the Primary are picked up by the Secondary and as they emulate in a torroidal or circular shape they  bounce back and forth to each other on a continuous basis- thus creating the magnetosphere of earth energy pulses and everything within that sphere is being re-charged, re-stored, and nurtured from the cellular structure on out.
  • For these reasons, C-coils should be implanted in twos. The Terra Garden Initiative plan is a model we found in one of the strangest places: New York see:
  • What we are doing now is making the orgonite toroids in pairs, one slightly smaller than the other. The larger (Primary) ones are fitted with a grounding rod and antenna, the smaller ( Secondary) ones just with an lighter antenna. These pairs are for sale for $50! ( other orgonite sells for nearly twice that on the internet!)
  • The idea is you buy one and put the Secondary in nature somewhere near to where you live. Thus you are not only helping yourself but also your neighbour- and if your neighbour has one and puts his other in nature then you both benefit and the whole community benefits! The more that are being utilized the stronger the field will be generated within a magnetosphere to combat harmful conditions.
  • And IF you have the $$$, you can sponsor someone who does not have the $$$ to have a pair made for them and shipped to them- you may choose any charity, individual or business and we will even ship to the people who work for the government.This is called : Pay It Forward
  •  The button will show you when you go to our store page and find Terra Garden-Pay It Forward a choice – and we are looking to you to direct where they should be sent. Any person who takes the Pay It Forward choice is a noted Terra Hero to us.
  • And if there are errors in your favour, maybe they are there for a reason- maybe they are there to show that a humanistic approach is the only way to “keep it real”- and as my Daddy would say ” Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Or You Can:




We are presently not funded by any government, civilian or scientific society. Our goal is to put free range C-coils into key waters and areas of concern in all places on our Terra to promote healthy growth. We are asking for donations to keep the work going and to make it a success!


Or You can make your own and distribute them in the environment starting your own Terra Garden Project!

Squash in the forest. The C-coils will help it grow in that environment.
Squash in the forest. The C-coils will help it grow in that environment.
Our first C-coil implanted in a forested area!
Our first C-coil implanted in a forested area!



 Button is for a $20.00 donation.


Social-Media-GraphicSocial media


for Space Preservation with Amendments HERE


Blue Dot Movement


In October and November 2014 David Suzuki and the David Suzuki Foundation crossed Canada on a tour to ignite a movement that would see environmental rights enshrined in the Canadian constitution. The movement is underway and individuals, groups, and municipalities are standing up for the right to a healthy environment. The Blue Dot movement is a grassroots movement that aims to see the right to a healthy environment, including the rights to fresh air, clean water, and safe food, enshrined in our Canadian constitution. The movement has started with people like you standing up and saying they believe in our inherent right to a healthy environment. The growing movement of Canadians is calling upon their local communities to pass municipal declarations respecting people’s right to live in a healthy environment. Already, dozens of communities across Canada have mobilized, and many have already passed municipal declarations for the right to a healthy environment. Community by community, this movement will inspire decision-makers across our provinces and territories to take notice.

If you are able and seriously want to help,

download this kit to organise your community event.


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