Earthing Coils

E-Coils are made with Orgonite ( organic available), a mixture of metals and crystals in a resin  ( or tree sap and beeswax) substrate, with a natural chemical charging system, plus soda salts for added charge. They work by Tesla technology and Sacred Geometry. It can be plugged into the Earth Herself as frequency output , or running water, or a sound wave frequency generator (free on internet).

Here we have the basic science behind it:

The Science Behind C-coils ‎10/‎15/‎15
By Suzzannee W. Chappelle C.S.T.

– Cymatic waves create sacred geometric shapes that occur over and over again in nature and bio-tissue
– Copper wire/metals conduct electricity and carries waves of energy.
– Crystals imprint information and amplify fields.
– The Earth resonates at the same frequency that we and all biological life does.
– By amplifying the Earths’ resonance we can assist bio-tissue to grow in a healthy way.
– Orgonite is a man- made compound using metals. crystals and other elements to create a substance that carries its’ own electrical charge.
– Rochelle Soda Salts and other soda salts can amplify sound waves and and transmit electrical charge when pressure is applied.
– Organic compounds interact biophysically better than chemical compounds and are not toxic.
– Torus or Torii cause a continuous wavefield around the circumference of the frame from interior to exterior and create a quantum field in the center or core of the donut shape called a singularity. The field then is spiraling inward to the core area. That is what creates the singularity.

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Now with the singularity we apply a sacred geometric figure with twelve points. This figure corresponds to a  12 point cymatic geometric wave which “restructures” damaged bio-tissue and promotes healthy natural growth of bio-tissue.


– Certain chemicals when mixed together create a charge. This was discovered in the early days of making gun powder. We now substitute magnesium sulfate with magnesium citrate to cause a bio-chemical reaction in our body with the citrates naturally occurring in our system and activate the electrolyte function of those citrates. These are used in the substrate of our E-Coils.

Firstly we use  one continuous wire which wraps around the torus both ways ways, right to left , top and bottom thus creating an unbroken wavefront , completing the sacred geometric field. The grounding rod  ( attached to interior of substrate)is implanted into the soil or placed into a water source. Once the cymatic wavefront is activated by implanting the grounding rod into the soil or water, a reaction occurs within the substrate. First, the resonance wave coming from the Earth activates the crystals causing a bonding resonance between them- ( a coupling effect) which then resonates with the metals, which then charges and couples with the chemicals to form a charged wave which then moves through the magnet wire, around the edge of the coil and up the centre- broadcasting in a twelve point wavefield of 432 hertz amplified by the heightened field generation of the C-coil activated with the Earths’ charge in the soil or water .

The cymatic generation works alone or in tandem with other E-Coils within polarity range and amplifies the Earths’ field, encourages growth of healthy bio-tissue and aids in speed of healing and recovery from illness.
Organic Orgonite is therefore superior to other Orgonite due to its’ completely organic substrate and no harsh chemicals.

E-Coils are a new method of charging your crystals, plants, water, food and home with a healthy grounded vibe and restoring healthy microbes damaged by day to day life.

E-Coils are a brand new technology on the rise to help bring us and our planet back into balance.

Frequency sets:

14-24 hertz- deters insects and mosquitoes.

24-44 hertz- deters large mammals like dogs, bears etc.

432 hertz- promotes healthy tissue growth or grounds and soothes and speeds up healing/healthy microbial growth for plants, animals and bipeds.

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