And just so ya know our last years’ tests gave us 100% or better overunity with our water purification system…see below for the cheesy video- but for certain all real, just I am kind not so good with media…anyhoo… we are starting this years’ tests so if you are interested to find out more- we need  water piping, copper pipe, timed watering system for our plant -farady- pyramid experiment email us yo!


They range from 6 inches to 2 ft high for faraday protection of plants from high levels of microwave biological interference, just beginning to manufacture them- but you get my drift- $10-40…they operate on the 72% Nubian Pyramid principal which focuses the resonance at the ground which is good for growing plants, an E-coil at the grounding point would then hyper- charge anything in its’ polarity…go figure…The Egyptians must have known this….

Our goal is to leverage THE TERRA GARDEN INITIATIVE Research and Development capabilities to generate distinctive humanistic values through new, improved products and innovative ways to reduce costs and increase production of food crops….

20160212_150846 This cactus was nearly dead last Christmas(2015), an E-Coil was implanted 45 days ago, now we counted 24 flowers on it- testimonial.

\and clean up the water-via magnetic vortex fields- another invention of my own. We are asking for investors to look at our early findings- a 100% increase in measured output power and effects on unhealthy microbes- SEE these videos- The results are what I have said!

and see the tests done on the unhealthy microorganisms:

test done after 10 using my water purification vortex system:

and now after 21 days- you can see how the microorganism is literally transformed!

Please contact us at our new e-mail address at:

We need investors to help expand and further our experiments as we believe this unit may be able to help humanity with water contamination and other such issues as well as create a new power source.

In addition, the breadth of our technical expertise enables us to leverage technologies developed in one area to solve customer challenges in others. For example, our deep knowledge of natural energies is informing solutions for humans.

You can check out this article on us in the New Agora Magazine of Oct/2015 page 23:

Recent tests show:

E-Coil charging the soil. Radish.
E-Coil charging the soil. Radish.
Radish control versus Charged water and E-coil: result: 90% increase in growth.
Radish control versus Charged water and E-coil: result: 90% increase in growth.
High Soda Salt content E-Coil- gives a stronger charge than other orgonite
High Soda Salt content E-Coil- gives a stronger charge than other orgonite
Control: Regular tapwater on Lettuce
Control: Regular tapwater on Lettuce
Charged water with E-coil
Charged water with E-coil

a 90-110% increase in growth!!

Observations in the Field: By Suzzannee Chappelle C.S.T.

 “Recent testing showing a remarkable response from plant life…Yes it was undeniable. I had placed one of the E-Coils into a mountain lake 10 days before returning. Clearly on both sides of the road the plant life- fireweed was in fact growing at an angle for several kilometers before I got to the lake. I was certain that I had not observed this phenomenon before. Not just a few plants, but the entire fields of it for some 3-5 kilometers all growing toward and at an unnatural angle the place where I had put the first E-Coil. Everything else seemed quite normal in fact -prolific. I observed a colony of healthy looking tadpoles of some 35 or so specimens and the mother frog defending her young…

I placed another E-Coil into that smaller body of water. I took samples of the water, however am waiting for a bulb to come through the mail before I can take any  further microscopic tests and observations….”

Other tests show the frequency is amplified in tandem- as in the bee revival  event… however we really want to get some more hard evidence. Areas of reforestation, ocean areas that have contamination ( more than others that is…) areas of high chemtrail activity, let us take up the torch and use our brains for more than a hat rack- as my Daddy used to say!

The government has muzzled our scientists,scientists muzzled by Conservative Gov 2015 shut down research stations as I was part of an independent study put on by the Canadian Federated University Women which showed a list of  research facilities, libraries and otherwise actual information  facilities the public has a right to know about !


New Research: Crystalline substrate:


These photos show a chemical crystalline compound using a bitartrate and soda ash being made that strengthens the charge and increases magnetosphereic range. Early studies show promise. More on that as results come in.

If you like to become part of our team of researchers, We need growers, farmers and independent researchers at this time. please message us.

Some pics along the way…

Such a great opening it was that day!
This was the Beginning of the line for Stage 1 Terra Garden Initiative 2015 Such a great opening it was that day! Our first E-Coil went in here at Crawford Bay B.C.
C-coils taking flight across the waves of the ocean!
This was the end of the line for Stage 1 Terra Garden Initiative 2015- Our E-Coil taking flight across the waves of the ocean in last destination of first leg of Terra Garden Project at English Bay, Vancouver B.C.!

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