SEED ACTIVATION using Resonance

Schuman Resonance & Subatomic Scalar Waves


– It grows faster – fiber type plants (hemp, linen, bamboo) grow roughly 2 times faster.

– It grows bigger.

– The end product is of much higher quality.

– It is much more resistant to droughts and excess moisture.

– Much much less fertilisers are needed for growth and much less herbicides are needed to destroy the surrounding weeds.

– The top level of the ground becomes thicker and is not depleted after the season – on the contrary it replenishes itself.

Pictures from our tests:


In this picture you can see 6 hemp finola seeds.
On the left is a regular seed.
On the right, the 5 were activated using different frequencies and put on a moist cotton ball. Poto taken 72 hours after activation.


Same with beetroot – 6 days after activation


Wheat after 10 days in the ground. Pay attention to the amount of roots.

Applications and hence implications are endless: growing organic heirloom seeds in a rather infertile land, growing 3 harvests of fiber plants instead of 1 in a season, regenerating artificial fertiliser depleted land, etc etc etc.

There are plenty of interesting bits of information that are of great interest, for example, it doesn’t matter if we have to activate 1kg of seeds of 5 tonnes, it takes the same amount of time.