Early Earthing Coils Studies

tests done1200X magnification using a microscope. Please Note thesis Were tests done with an Earlier model shown here:


Bee in center Appeared to be dead before Placing it in the core of early model E-Coil. After 3 hours It Began to move around: Note- this E-Coil Was not plugged into Any frequencyHOWEVER generator There Was one running and plugged into a frequency generator running at 432 hertz in the Sámi room.

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THUS That evidence:

A) When in the field of polarity Reviews another E-COIL- They will work in tandem with Each Other picking up the frequency generated by l’autre E-Coil (qui May or May not be plugged into frequency generator) qui goal is putting out a stronger decibel level.

B) When picking up the frequency generated by Itself or by E-Coil qui Reviews another is plugged into a frequency generator – that E-Coil will restructures damaged bio-fabric.

in concluding we-have to assume the bee Was not truly dead – only Appeared to be, yet with the implementation of the E-Coil quickly- it Healed THUS the Application May be (is) Useful to beekeepers.

> Exhibit “A” Tap water: The water comes from the mountain stream above-the-lake and regarded Was very good water- logging That goal Noting Up That Way commenced last summer so I can not vouch for it’s initial state.

7:11 am – At first glance there Appears to be no movement at all. Then a single clearstall of filament, I will cal it, cam across lens, Moving very slowly “inching” its way across the field. It Seemed wounded or Compromised as it struggled across the field. It Had two clear smaller filaments hanging off it- like tendrils touching -not Each Other. I saw very faint whisps of Some Kind of cloudy substance That resembled clouds in the wind. It was devoid of Any Other movement.

> After leaving it for two hours:

9:11 am – Decreased background movement-whispsstrandstill this purpose the inching movement HAS Ceased and only a mere twitching movement is present as it is try trying to move crippled Somehow goal. It Seems to be making an attempt to join the smaller tendrils together aim is Unable to do so.

> After 2 hours of 432 Hrtz sitting on top of WFunit (quartz pink center):

11:11 am – ClearstrandHAS grown –other curly tendril strands like a vine, They are moving slowly and sccm to be along than this morning. There is Increased activity in the background withhook like filaments and globulets qui sccm less dark and are moving around quickly.

1:11 pm – Large globulets of long filaments and looking strong like hookshaped filaments moving with constancy. Dot particles with a golden aruricring around ’em. Clear strands showing inching movements with no trouble. Filaments joined with –other filaments- healthy looks.

2:59 pm – (this is the water That Was the previous sample left untouched with no further frequency) – Background particles-have diminished, clear filament strand still present goal curly extensions are gone 

3:04 pm – Clear strands growing tendrils and Exhibiting now inching movement. Background activity picking up but still no substantial businessesglobulets gold whispsgold filament rapid movement, yet showing signs of coagulating filaments – getting stronger. Seeing rainbow light through one of the wide dot cell particles!

> Changed frequency to 528 Hrtz:

5:00 pm – Clear strands are Multiplying and conjoining with –other strands- clear inching movement. Background In Some boxes along filaments and Some curled in on Themselves forming a loop goal thesis do not try to conjoin with Each Other. Rainbow light coming from medium sized dot particles clumped together with thick dark rings.

> Changed frequency to 718 Hrtz:

6-7: 00 pm – Clear strands losing tendrils, wideglobulets With No rainbow light and no cohesive strands of background threads.

> Changed frequency to 518 Hrtz:

9:51 pm – Clear strands-have grown tendrils and new-have quality to inching movement. Cohesive background tendrils moving quickly. Light incenter of dot particles.

> After 6 days (with a beta crystal seed sitting in the water @ 518 Hrtz):

This exhibit shows a fantastic array of filament movement, long streams of filament and fibres- a chain of a strand with tendril filaments Rapidly moving to Both leftand right across the field. A cloud- likewhisp


The tap water we are drinking is Nearly devoid of life. Clearly something is in it That Is Compromising it’s vitality and we live in rural mountains. At 432 Hz the water responds DID but not as well as expected. after-hours 4 has only minimal exchange and vitalitybarley affected. * Further experiments shoulds be done to conclusively Ascertain this, aim the Earth resonance is not enough to COUNTERACT whatever HAS taken the natural vitality out of the water.

At 528 Hertz Many forexoccured with especial tenancies for the water to assimilate light, HOWEVER the filaments curling up Suggests That essential aspects of the coagulating function of background threads is Hindered As They couldn’t conjoin fait que state or shape, The Therefore not fulfilling Their natural function.

At 718 Hertz all cohesive aspects to be Compromised and The Therefore Conclude this frequency to not be beneficial to the water.

At 518 Hz the water Responded well and activated all aspects of life and movement Necessary to revitalize the tap water.

(The Researcher drank the water and stomach Aches time immediately felt better).

  • It Appears que la Earths’ resonance takes more time for positive results to Appear more Readily.