Primary E-Coil Studies:

Tests done with digital microscope at beginning of test using E-Coil with Water Purification System Vortex -WVP- (my invention) at 40 seconds See organism in water:

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At midterm, the organism is transmuting but still Attempting to absorb nutrients in water:

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Now at end of test- how I used the E-Coil with WVP system to transmute into harmless organism:

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Start date: Nov 14/2014 – End Date: Nov 17/2014

Experiment using a combination of Both a Mini Vortex unit coupled with the industrial unit WR on tap water. The water is pumped through a copper pipe That Is Held in a new plastic bin qui HAS Some local natural crystals in it.

Original Observations on Tap water straight out of the tap:

Sample “A”

Clear strand filament not moving on its’ own much, FEW background filaments, a wide Coagulated green brown light and qui Has No Does not move training. Second look showing Green Has neon quality and there is Some red strands there as well. I think it May be Some Kind of bacteria – but uncertain.

Sample “B”

This sample Was take ten minutes of after-MvWF generation: clear single strand tendril with this Barely Any movement forward but some twitching and Action Toward the left of the slide, but no actual inching. Background With Some activity goal very fine filaments and small dot particles There are Some larger “vibrating” particles similar to the ones I saw Earlier thesis only ones are vibrating very Quickly sccm to hover and move ’em away.

Sample “C” – Taken November 15 at 8:30 am

Clear strands showing minor signs and inching growing more tendrils- background filaments are long and more substantial businesses, there is definitely vibratory movement and, many more background threads.

Sample “D” – Taken November 16, 2014 at 9: 46 am

Clear strands not much improved, goal Somewhat; a larger hump in the strand and Some energy in the movement qui Showed Me It was Struggling. Background filaments are much larger and thicker stronger. They are moving cohesively and now seeing a thick band coming off of one (of the background threads) That: has a rainbow hue.

Sample “E”: taken November 17, 2014 at 9:01 am

Strands looking better, inching movement Increased and looking healthy..many tendrils, but still I see only one Strand- not many.Background filaments are conjoined Albeit in a funny training; a hook shaped filament along a straight one along the curve of the hook. Then a white line looks like white light qui qui crosses the Entire slide about one eighth of the diameter of the slide. This diffuse white light before my very eyes and rainbow light Becomes qui now covers one quarter of the slide … I am utterly amazed!


Clearly the devices are Affecting the water in a beneficial way- Revitalizing it at the very least. One Would Have to-have dissertation samples tested by professional laboratory to get more conclusive results HOWEVER I can say That I-have Determined That Treated water in this Manner That HAS highlights are activated qui COUNTERACT chemical additives. Further speculations can be made goal will not be Referred to here.professional laboratory to get more conclusive